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The happiness of life

Photographer, poet and playwright, this painter recreates a society that belongs only to him, where imaginary characters are driven by an unspeakable need for love. 

Flickering buildings, garlands, lights, birds, a man astride a lamppost, acrobats, travelers, testify to an infinite tenderness in this universe with a backward-looking and symbolic character, which relies on deformations for release a real vibratory current. But without anamorphosis, with the desire to exalt love and freedom in a space where couples display their happiness. 

The frankness of the colors at the service of a very rich iconography exacerbates this phenomenon of expressionist radiance and deformations which, ultimately, stimulate good humor and humanity. And these full and flamboyant images can be decoded as a projection into the whimsical landscape of Philmer who cultivates a secret garden, populated by deliberately happy people. 

The twisting of forms reveals an instability and a vitality capable of opening up to more spiritual evocations. A work finally full of jubilations and evocations which made a good rating, in October 2019, at the Drouot hotel.


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