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As an autodidact, I learn the technique every day with the experience ... watch more content according to my emotions. I started with "street photography" and also architecture, landscapes, things that I still do today, but I liked the idea of being able to "say something" differently ... put my stories in scenes ... So my work becomes intimate and introspective.

Many of my works have the same title, “Stories” because I don't like to trap a work in a title, I would like people to interpret it freely and find something for themselves.
The idea in my head is almost immediate, but putting it on stage is not always easy, I try to take care of the details, the light and speak through symbols or gestures, so many tests. . delete, add, change ... until I get what I want ...

Sometimes some of my paintings or their details inspire me to create something surreal, so they become my models ... This need is there when I don't have the possibility to paint. I like to experiment.


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