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Egglipse 10.jpg

Caroline Cotto is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, born in Nice on December 28, 1991.


Graduated in 2018 from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. She currently works in Paris where she divides her time between her personal work and various commissions. Always intimately linked to color, his works are intended to bring a poetic dimension to reality.


For her Egglipse series “The Actors”, Caroline imagined a series of characters, these beings whose appearance is the only thing we are able to perceive. The spectators are confronted with the irresistible urge, to break this appearance in order to give birth to a new, deeper being. The myth of Narcissus, in Dali's work is an illustration of this. The viewer has the power to break the actor, to go beyond the image, and allow the birth of 'a new being.


His recent Egglipse project was presented in Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week in October 2018, and in Rotterdam during Art Rotterdam Week for the Objet exhibition in February 2019.


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