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Born in 1982



The ways of art are impenetrable.

The one followed by Gauthier Bruel, a 38-year-old Mendois artist, is indeed. Behind a singing accent and a sincere smile hides a crack, a breach, in which the light of art bursts forth. For ten years, his artistic practice has seen the light of day, has hatched in his hands, although it has carried an artistic fiber in him for a long time.

From childhood, Gauthier Bruel felt animated, inspired by creativity. However, it was at the age of 28, following an admission to the Paul Eluard psychiatric hospital in Mende, that he was revealed in his practice by his occupational therapist, as part of a practice of art therapy.

A place steeped in artistic history, since this hospital housed several underground intellectuals during the Second World War, including Paul Eluard himself. Between his family origins and this fertile artistic past, Gauthier Bruel is very attached to the territory of Lozère and Mende, where he seems to have found his promised land.

Gauthier Bruel then begins painting, a technique to which he remains faithful.


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