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Born in 1985, Fan M has lived and worked in Nice, France since 2014. Her work has been the subject of various exhibitions in France and abroad: Fondation Bullukian (Lyon), Musée d'art moderne de St Etienne, Biennale d contemporary art from Lyon, Atelje Otklon (Belgrade), Casa Amarella (Rio de Janeiro).

His work is heterogeneous. It is in the difference and the mix of mediums (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture) that a certain form of coherence occurs. Sensitive to space, Fan M is inspired by the environment in which it is located. It is the place, its atmosphere, its light, its color that will be the trigger of an idea.

Noted for her in situ sculptures, she has recently produced a series of drawings with markers, pencils, Indian ink which feed these questions around the landscape (from the fall to the slip to the flow).

With her series Partitions paysage, she seeks to write a language of her own. Between line, dance and landscape, a polyphony that seeks to bring together.


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