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Yasmine Esfandiary is a citizen of the world. His childhood was spent all over the world. His mission ? Relentlessly investigating the diverse cultural, visual and mystical experiences of life.

“As a child, I knew I was an artist and I never doubted that art would be the passion and the quest of my life. She chooses painting in particular for "the power of color". His work has been influenced among others by the works of Matisse for his dynamic use of color and form.

“My paintings offer the viewer a story that allows for a multitude of cultural appropriations and interpretations. Having lived in many countries and exhibited in places with diverse cultures, my experiences and visual memories are represented in my work through patterns, shapes, symbols and the use of colors. "

His works are saturated with color, talkative and at the same time mysterious. An anthology that expresses his personal negotiations between East and West.


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