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150 x 150 cm Huile sur toile - Matin a Nice n° 2 (1).jpg

Omar Logang was born in South Sudan into a family of artists. His father was a renowned woodcarver. Early in his life, Omar showed artistic talent and it was no surprise that he was accepted as a painting student at the Khartoum School of Fine Arts, where he excelled. After graduating, he pursued further studies in painting at the School of Fine Arts in Tetouan in Morocco.

Due to the political unrest which has been manifesting itself for many years in southern Sudan, Omar's family strongly advised him not to return after completing his studies. He decided to seek political asylum in Spain, which he was granted in 1993. Omar became a Spanish citizen in 1996.

For the past seventeen years, Omar has painted in Spain with almost annual visits to Morocco, Malì and the south of France. In these places he is constantly looking for scenes of changing light. He is also proficient in landscapes, character painting, portraits and city views.

Regardless of his academic career and education in Africa, Omar's painting is much broader and features major elements of European art. His use of intense colors is very individualistic and the viewer will appreciate his work in an original way. His reduced style of painting represents elements of detachment and loneliness.

Omar Logang has had many regular solo exhibitions in Madrid in renowned galleries. He is now starting to be much better known and his work is part of collections in France, Italy, Germany, UK, Russia and USA.


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