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O+� tout, tout te scie - Gouache, pastel et fusain sur papier_50x65cm_2016, Tatjana Sonjov

Scan the bottom of his coffee cup and see familiar faces there. Let his eyes wander in the sky, and remember a time, forgotten images. In Tatjana Sonjov's approach, there is not a truth that takes precedence over the senses, a rationality that would hurt the imagination. In her pareidolics, she keeps the place for the other, to follow the path of what he perceives and of what he is. First of all, in his work, there is this relationship to humble material. 

The paper, the fabric and the gouache, which gives body to surreal intervals of imprints. A sensual relationship with charcoal and pastel worked slowly by hand. Their colors and textures cling to the painting, like islands of perceptions. In the veins and cracks of their skin, so many stories awaken in one place. Through memory and oblivion, Tatjana Sonjov explores the joys of existence, always in a surge of life. And here, everyone can escape, as in Rorschach's inks, with suitcase titles in their pockets. 

Words that play, draw words. "Art is given to us to prevent us from dying of the truth," wrote Nietzche. By mobilizing the senses and their memories, Tajtana Sonjov awakens territories of the order of the intimate. Experienced, fantasized, secret or shared emotions, for each unique.


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