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Born in 1975 in Lot et Garonne, Nicolas Monjo is a talented self-taught painter who now works near Angoulême. Preferring his studio to social evenings, the artist most often leaves the task of dissecting his work to others.

He discovers painting at the age of 20 and will not stop working on the development of a unique and very poetic technique. He plays with the laws of chemistry by mixing on the same table both acrylic and  oil painting with the aim of creating more marked relief effects to draw us into his world. Also, the privileged shades of gray and dark blue make the works of Nicolas Monjo recognizable among all. 

The themes tackled by the artist reveal an extremely personal and lucid vision on everyday subjects, however recurring in painting as in society more generally. Monjo reveals himself in each of his paintings, revealing in touches his own experience in a hard and cold world where often the law of the strongest reigns. He persists and brilliantly manages to account for the fragility of the human condition which seems to come back to crush all the characters. In both the figurative and literal sense, men and women are enclosed by the framework of the canvases as if to recall their inability to extricate themselves from their gloomy daily life.

Sometimes similar to rounded characters from Fernand Léger's universe, the protagonists of Monjo's works have dogs, cats, fish as companions ... They are often performed in strange positions comparable to contortionists. Monjo's models thus achieve the feat of getting ten into a tiny car.

These offer a fantastic and even surreal dimension to his work which will surely not leave you indifferent. We will also note other elements almost always present in Monjo's oils, namely the symbol of the heart, of the guitar; there is still a bottle, a plate, a fork, a glass abandoned on the ground. These objects belong to the artist's life and he shares them with love and a lot of kindness with the viewer.


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