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Nina Lanner was born in Lahr / Black Forest in 1980.

After 20 years of dancing and marketing her own fashion brand, she became a freelance artist in the visual arts genre as a painter in 2018.

This phase of discovery and transformation has developed his expression of the levels of the human soul and changes over time through his painting.

In her speaking images between GRAPHIC ART and POETIC ART, she conveys her sensory impressions.

His use of bright colors is influenced by Hip Hop / Urban music, sometimes loud, sometimes silent.

She takes the viewer with her on moving themes and offers them visible access from the earthly world to the spiritual world.

Mind-map as and figuratively it becomes clear that the focus is on the spiritual development of the individual.

The revised historical fragments symbolize their complex development, intellectual and spiritual.
His texture-rich mixing technique with acrylic, oil pastel and ink and partially pointed areas of color,
graphic lettering and cartoonish illustrations / drawings underline the transcendence of his images and their undeniable power.

Herself says that her pictures speak the LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL.


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