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Abstract painter, Martine Le Bidan has recently turned to portrait painting which she affectionately calls "her crazy Toto heads" 
Facing the blank canvas, it is first the abstract that emerges through its backgrounds, then comes to graft its portraits of individuals sometimes poetic, sometimes earthy, sometimes humorous, but always touching.
His lively, unstructured line allows him to capture faces and emotions, making them express his own vision of current society. Anxious to remain spontaneous, she lets herself be carried away by the moment, her intuition and her sensations.
His main artistic references are Jean Michel Basquiat, Miro, Picasso.
Brushes, spatulas and knives accompany his gestures. The artist does not hesitate to use different techniques such as ink, pastel, acrylic, oil and collage, thus suggesting a multitude of reading.


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