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Lenny Bebeşelea is a contemporary artist born April 18, 1993 in Jina, Sibiu, Romania.  


Between 2015-2018, he studied at the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, after his master's studies between 2018-2020 in the same faculty. The artist's distinct acrylic painting techniques give a watercolor effect to dark backgrounds, without compromising the rich colors and texture of the works.  


With a melancholy and dreamy touch, it elicits through the highlighted color and texture the real sensation with a certain 3D effect. 

From the words of Frida Kahlo "I paint flowers so that they do not die", the artist began to paint flowers out of the continuous desire to create something eternal, immortal. 

Painting in vivid colors against a dark background, with random but also thoughtful brush movements, the paintings emphasize fundamental research to express something personal, subjective but also emotional, in a poetic and dramatic way.


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