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Artist photographer, Frédéric Pasquini questions the world around him by focusing primarily on the place of human beings in a society in transition.

His approach as a photographer, he deploys it in different contexts according to the meetings and the projects in which he is called to participate: his photographic approach is placed under the prism of reportage and documentary: cinema, weddings, live shows, events, portraits ...

Capturing souls with a tender gaze, highlighting the lags, the earthy moments of life, the moments of grace and the frailties of his contemporaries.

Bring new life to our gaze on the other.

The city is one of his favorite subjects, where he captures plots of life. The urban space becomes an open-air theater. The city, place of all possibilities and all contradictions, a distorting mirror, a laboratory of our humanity in search of identity, a permanent movement, a picture of life in all the complexity of its facets.

Photographer of the moment, Frédéric's artistic approach is spontaneous, he plays with analogies, coincidences and everyday disturbances in order to offer our gaze a lasting memory, a reminiscence. Like the child who would look for the first time at the world he has just arrived in, Frédéric Pasquini brings out the beauty of humanity in all its palette, from shadow to light.


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